Jumping up

There's nothing more wonderful than coming home to an excited and affectionate puppy or dog. No doubt the first thing you want to do is give him/her a great big cuddle or pat as he/she jumps up to win your attention. Ok, so it's cute now but what will happen when your puppy grows into a 30kg Golden Retriever or a 40kg Rottweiler.The key to managing jumping up is ignoring your puppy. Ignore what you don't like and praise what you do like. We know it is easier said than done, but by persevering with this method you will enjoy the company of well behaved companion.

Jumping up is mostly a result of your dog seeking your attention. So next time your dog jumps up the first thing to do is withdrawal your attention. Do not acknowledge him/her. Look away, stand still and be silent. If your companion is still on two legs, try folding your arms or turn your back so he/she cannot see your face.

Once the jumping up has stopped and he/she has walked away, then call your dog to you and ask him/her to sit. Reward this action with your attention, and if required a treat.

Family and Visitors

Everyone in the family needs to participate in this exercise. One rule must be applied for all, and that includes visitors. When you are expecting visitors make sure they understand the process and why it is absolutely necessary to follow your instructions. If you like you can also involve your visitor by providing them with a selection of treats so they too can reinforce good behaviour. Whatever the case, a bottom and all four paws must be on the ground to receive any attention whatsoever.

If your dog continues to jump on visitors you can use a lead and/or a head halter to restrain him/her from lunging forward. Make sure your visitor has some treats on hand to provide immediate praise for appropriate behaviour. Remind your visitor that they may only approach your dog when he/she is sitting. To start with it may be necessary to ask your dog to sit to do so. By persevering with this approach your dog will learn that being patient and sitting means people will approach and reward him/her.