Frequently asked questions about the Pet Essentials Program

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I use the Pet Essentials Program?

Upon joining the Pet Essentials Program your pet will receive any treatments that are currently required. We will then schedule your future appointments for the remainder of the year. To utilise the other benefits of the program you can call or drop into the clinic at anytime.


Does the Pet Essentials Program cover my puppy or kitten for their initital vaccinations?

Yes, the Pet Essentials Program includes the initial puppy or kitten vaccinations when they are less than 6 months of age.


If I join the Pet Essentials Program is there a waiting period before I can bring my puppy or kitten in to see the vet?

No, there is no waiting period. You can utilise the benefits of the program immediately.


Why does the price vary for dogs of different sizes or weight?

Vaccinations and parasite control products used in the Pet Essentials Program are tailored to suit your dog’s size. The program prices are a reflection of the products required by your size dog.


How do I know what weight range my puppy will be?

The weight used for the program is the estimated adult weight of your puppy from a breed table.


How long am I obligated to my monthly payment?

You must take out the program membership for a period of 12 months.


How do I pay for my Pet Essentials Program?

There is an initial upfront payment when you join the program that is approximately 40% of the total membership subscription fee. The remaining fees equaling 60% of the total subscription fee will be deducted via direct debit in the following 11 months in equal monthly instalments from your nominated bank account. Alternatively, you can pay the total membership subscription fee in one lump sum at the commencement of the program.


What happens if I want to cancel out of the program?

If for any reason you wish to cancel out of the Pet Essentials Program you will be required to pay a single payment equal to the cost difference of the normal value of the services and goods received and the total of your payments made to date, or, the remaining total amount of the Program, whichever is the less. This amount will be direct debited from your nominated account.


What if I have more than one pet, but I only want to enrol in one package, may I share their services?

No, the Pet Essentials Program provides care for one animal only; however, you can buy additional program memberships for any additional pets.


If I give my pet away or sell my pet, can I transfer my membership?

Yes, if the new owner agrees to take over the payment plan on the same terms and conditions. The new owner will need to contact the clinic to provide their new direct debit details.


If my pet passes away or I no longer own my pet, can I transfer the plan to my new pet?

No. You will be required to cancel your existing plan and join up your new pet. Please advise the clinic if your pet passes away so we can cancel your monthly Direct Debit.

Can I use different products to those selected for the Pet Essentials Program?

We have selected our Pet Essential Program products with your pet’s optimum health care in mind. Our selection enables us to provide the best health care possible at the most affordable price for you. We will only substitute for another one of our products should we determine that the selected product is not suitable for your pet.


What happens if I join the Pet Essentials Program and my adult cat has never been vaccinated against FIV?

As part of the Pet Essentials Program your adult cat is eligible for their annual vaccinations which include a FIV booster. If your adult cat has never been vaccinated against FIV they will need a FIV blood test and two extra vaccinations to ensure full immunity. As an extra benefi t of the Pet Essentials Program we will cover the cost of the two extra vaccinations and you will need to pay for the required FIV blood test.