X-rays goes digital

A digital x-ray

As many of you would know we are fully equipped here at Manningham Vet to take x-rays of your pet should the need arise. We have recently upgraded to a digital x-ray machine which means the procedure takes less time and we can then also send you home with a digital copy of the films or email them to you. This also makes it much easier when referring any patients as again we can simply email the radiographs to the specialist.

We are also equipped with dental radiographs, which means that when performing dentals we can check below the gum line where a lot of dental disease occurs. In fact in cats, over half the dental disease occurs below the gum line, invisible to the naked eye! This is where dental radiographs come into their own. With these we can visualise the lower part of the tooth, the tooth root, the attachments to the bone and the bone itself. This all helps diagnose any dental disease that may be there.