Wildlife Xposure Day

In the month of December, Manningham hosted a Wildlife Xposure day!

Wildlife Xposure is an interactive native animal education session where kids (and adults) can get up close and personal with some of Australia’s amazing wildlife.

During the day we were all lucky enough to meet an array of different animals. These include a gliding possum, a rainbow lorikeet, a green tree frog, a short neck turtle, a stumpy tailed lizard, a goanna, two different species of pythons and a baby fresh water crocodile!

While it was very exciting being able to touch and hold these incredible animals, we also learnt a lot about conservation, habitats, threatened species, life cycles, animal behaviour, diets and many more interesting facts! Manningham will be running more Wildlife Xposure days in the future due to the success we have had with them. Keep your eyes peeled for the next dates to book in and come enjoy the fun!