Our recent clinic events

Over the month of March, we had some exciting sessions held at the clinic. We were lucky enough to have Tamara Jackman from Underdog Training hold a seminar on the foundations of dog training. Tamara has been training dogs for 17 years and has a special interest in dog behaviour and management and regularly conducts seminars to educate dog owners all over Australia. On the night, Tamara went over the basics on how dogs learn, positive reinforcement, conditioning and training techniques. She also provided information on common behavioural issues many dog owners encounter including separation anxiety, toilet training, mouthing and jumping up. We had a great turn out on the night and 100% of the proceeds went to Project Underdog Rescue.

We also held another successful Wildlife Xposure session, this time focusing on native creepy crawlies. During the presentation we learnt about the food chain, life cycles, adaptations, ecosystems and ecology. We also had a close look at some stick insects, a burrowing cockroach, centipede, scorpion, bird eating spider and many more, as well as some animals which eat insects including a squirrel glider and a tawny frogmouth. The presentation was informative to both children and adults and everyone who attended had a great time.

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