Our brand new dental equipment gets a work out

Harry Potter is nurse Jessica's 17 year old Exotic Shorthair cat (Yes! He really is 17 and going strong!) Harry Potter has recently moved here all the way from England and he was our first patient to test out our brand new dental x-ray camera and processer.

Our new dental x-ray camera

At his check-up Harry Potter was found to have a few painful teeth which we were able to assess using our new equipment. Back in England in a previous dental treatment he had some teeth taken out. The dental x-ray results showed that the roots of these teeth had not been fully removed and were left behind in his gum. Dr Cathy removed these roots and his other painful teeth under anaesthetic.

Harry Potter has since made an excellent recovery, and is enjoying his elderly life lazing by the cosy fireplace.

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If you are concerned about your pet's dental health, feel free to bring them into the clinic and let one of our pet health team members assess the health and condition of your pet's teeth and provide a comprehensive dental treatment plan.