Ollie's Peeing Problem

Ollie is a very loved 5 year old pampered cat that sleeps for most of the day! Unfortunately, he recently had a medical scare, and was diagnosed with FLUTD.

FLUTD – what is this?
Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a disease that affects the bladder, urethra (connection between the bladder and the urinary opening) and urinary opening in cats.

There are many causes of FLUTD, which can all lead to one or more of the following clinical signs:
– Blood in the urine
– Straining to urinate
– Inability to urinate
– Urinating in strange places
– Licking opening of the urethra

Potential causes of FLUTD:
– Idiopathic (secondary to stress)
– Infection
– Bladder Stones
– Plugs
– Tumours
– Trauma to the bladder or urethra

Ollie makes a trip to the Vet

On one particular morning, Ollie's owners noticed that he was trying to urinate in his litter tray, but was unable to pass any urine! He was also licking his urinary opening. Although Ollie was
still acting bright and happy, his owners took immediate action by taking him to Manningham Vet Clinic. When Dr Brigida examined Ollie, it was clear that his urethra wasn't completely
blocked yet, as his bladder was a normal size. However, if extreme caution and certain interventions were not taken, the risk of him becoming blocked and requiring emergency
treatment was high.

Male cats are more prone to urinary blockages than female cats, due to their narrow urethra. If a urinary blockage occurs, it can be life-threatening. During his veterinary examination, it was clear that Ollie had a white plug in his urethra, which could be seen at his urinary opening. This plug was not only making it difficult for urine to pass from his bladder and through his urethra, but also causing pain (which is why Ollie was licking at the region). The plug was composed of mucus from the bladder wall and crystals from the urine.

Medications for pain relief and urethral relaxation were initiated, which allowed the urine plug to finally pass through Ollie's urethra!

Where is Ollie now
Ollie's owners are taking all of the right measures to ensure that Ollie will not have to endure one of these episodes again. Ollie is now pain-free and has not had any more issues with his ability to urinate. This is because his owners have been:

1. Reducing stress with 'Feliway Adapters', Zylkene capsules, Hills C/D Stress Diet.
2. Encouraging water intake by adding Hills C/D Stress wet food to the dry food, adding
cat drinking fountains around the house.