Merlot’s tail troubles

Merlot, the gorgeous Great Dane, recently visited our clinic for a wound to the tip of his tail. If not managed correctly, this type of wound will deteriorate very quickly as dogs will attempt to bite their tail to the point of it requiring amputation!

Luckily for Merlot, his owner was very vigilant with the care of his wound. She took all of the necessary steps to ensure that it would heal as quickly as possible, and that there were no complications with the bandage.

After 3 weeks, multiple visits to the vet and bandage changes, Merlot's wound healed beautifully! At the start, the wound was very red due to granulation tissue. This is a moist, pink tissue and is a sign of a healthy, healing wound. As the days passed, the wound became smaller in size and eventually scar tissue formed to completely cover it. This scar tissue will never be as strong as normal skin but will become stronger over time.

Now that the bandage is no longer covering the tail, it will be important that Merlot's owner to monitor closely for any further breaks in the scar tissue that has replaced the wound. We are sure that Merlot's owner will continue to take great care of him and contact the clinic if she has any concerns!