Meet Homer

Homer is a 14 month old Border collie whose owner called us and reported that he had noticed a lump on Homer’s eyelid not long after taking him to Heide Park in Bulleen. Homer’s owner was concerned as the lump had grown rapidly over the weekend and even changed colour. We recommended he bring Homer into the clinic so one of our veterinarians could take a closer look. However what we thought may just be a skin tag or wart turned out to be something we don’t often see here in Victoria. Can you guess what it was?

When our veterinarian examined Homer’s eye she discovered that the lump on his eyelid was in fact a tick!

Ticks are external parasites which are related to spiders and they suck the blood of animals (including humans). They are commonly found along the east coast of Australia in bushy or long grassed areas where they will walk up blades of grass and bushes and wait for an animal to brush past and then grab on.

To remove the tick from such a sensitive area and to prevent causing any damage to his eye, Homer was given a light sedation. This allowed the vet to carefully remove the tick and clean the area to help prevent a bacterial infection from forming. The tick was about 6mm long and appeared to be a bush tick (yet to be confirmed) which are commonly found in, you guessed it, bushy areas! The tick has been sent off for testing to confirm exactly what species it is.

Due to the ideal humid conditions for ticks that Melbourne has been experiencing we do recommend your dog receive year round protection against ticks by using a product such as Bravecto, Nexgard or Nexgard Spectra. 

If you are unsure if your pet is covered for tick prevention or whether or not they are up to date then please feel free to contact the clinic and once of our nurses can certainly assist you.