Cats Only rooms

Many of you may not realise that we have a dedicated cat ward and cat consultation room set up in the clinic. We have had these set up for some time, to ensure our cat patients are as comfortable as possible when they come into the clinic. Both rooms have feliway diffusers in them - these release a naturally occurring pheromone in the air that helps calm and sooth anxious cats. We may well ask you when you arrive with your cat to take a seat straight in the cat consulting room - this means your cat is away from the waiting room, where there could be noises and sights that may frighten them.

It is also a good idea to place your cat in a carrier when they come down in the car and to cover the carrier with an old towel - often limiting the view of a cat as they travel reduces their fears or anxiety. The cat ward is situated away from the dog ward and is designed to reduce foot traffic past the cats so they are less stressed by being in hospital. We have designed these rooms in line with the recommendations by the International Society of Feline Medicine, in order to make our feline friends as comfortable as possible.