Winnie is 'grapeful'

Winnie is a delightful little short-haired dachshund who unfortunately developed a taste for sultanas. She raided a box of sultanas from her owner’s car and gobbled up the entire pack! Sultanas, raisins and grapes are potentially toxic to dogs. They can develop severe vomiting and diarrhoea, and ultimately renal (kidney) failure.

Sadly for Winnie there was nothing for it but to make the sultanas come back up as she got to the clinic very soon after eating them. We induced vomiting, and lo and behold, a lot of sultanas were brought forth. Winnie did not look too impressed with this. Poor girl!

Animals have different tolerances for certain foods compared to humans so it is essential, if your pet eats any substance you are not sure about, to call the clinic as we can certainly advise you on whether the substance is a problem for your pet.