Wildlife Rescue - A Possum’s Story of Survival

A little ringtail possum was recently brought into our clinic by a lovely gentleman, Paul, who found her on his driveway, bleeding profusely and scared and upset. She allowed Paul to handle her - generally a sign that all was not well.

Our little native friend was admitted and examined by our head nurse, Lyn, and Dr Ele. She had a large tear on the surface of her pouch which required surgery. However, not only was her pouch torn it was also the home to her two little baby ringtails! These little babies were gently removed, popped into a fluffy pouch and went down Lyn's top to stay warm!

Mum possum was then anaesthetised by Dr Jo and then Dr Ele sutured the wound closed. She then had antibiotics, pain relief and fluids under the skin to help her recovery.

She is an excellent patient, now recovering well, and is due to be released soon. We are all thrilled at how well she has done and we all enjoy seeing her babies clamour all over their mum again.