Unwell Whiskers

Whiskers Rigoni is a 2-year-old cat who came to see us at the Manningham Vet Clinic because she was feeling unwell. She had not been eating very much and was lethargic. When Whiskers was examined it was noticed that her abdomen was very enlarged and it felt almost like Whiskers was pregnant. Whiskers' owner had not gotten around to getting her desexed as she was originally a stray. Given that Whiskers' temperature was high and she was quiet and unwell, it was suspected that she may have an infection in her uterus.

Whiskers was admitted into hospital and placed on intravenous fluids. She was then given an anaesthetic and underwent abdominal surgery. The surgery revealed that Whiskers had an infection in her uterus, which was distended and very close to rupturing; luckily the surgery was done before this had occurred.

Whiskers had the infected uterus and ovaries removed, and spent the evening recovering in hospital on intravenous fluids. She stayed with us the next day and went home that evening. The very lovely Whiskas is now at home recovering with her family.

Getting your cat speyed when they are around 6 months of age is a very good idea as it avoids the risky complications that Whiskers experienced and also the chance of them getting pregnant. This complication - called Pyometra - can be very serious if not treated, so we here at the Manningham Veterinary Clinic certainly encourage desexing in all our feline friends.