T'is the season for new puppies and kittens

Christmas always sees some new four-legged additions to some lucky families, and this year has been no exception! We have had the pleasure of cuddling and treating lots of new puppies and kittens, and even some bunnies too.

Pickles and Cookies sign up to our Pet Essentials Programs and saved on treatments!

With owning a new bundle of joy comes lots of cuddles and kisses, but also lots of responsibility and information. We understand that for some new owners all of this information can be quite overwhelming and as you try to do the best for your new pet things can be forgotten or missed. At Manningham Vet Clinic we are trying to make this process a little easier for you by the introduction of our new Pet Essentials Program.

The Pet Essentials Program is designed to help you get all of your new pet's essential items taken care of for those first 12 hectic months, as well as getting some additional bonuses and savings for joining. 

Some of the new kittens taking advantage of this program are Pickles and Cookie.  These two little cheeky monkeys are 11 week old sisters and they are keeping their owners very busy. 

The program that the young kittens have been registered to, provides additional bonuses including 2 FREE nights at our cattery, 1 month free pet insurance, discounts on in-store purchases and a free toy mice to play with throughout the year. In conjunction with these bonuses the kittens have also saved close to $300 for the next 12 months of their essential treatments.

Essential treatments are the things we know your pet is going to need to keep them healthy for the next 12 months and these include vaccination courses, flea and worm control treatments and an adolescent health check at 9 months of age.

The program can be paid for with an upfront payment or, for your convenience, a monthly instalment payment can be set up, meaning that your pets' bills can be predictable for that first 12 months too.

At this stage we have programs for puppies and kittens only but are soon to be introducing our adult pet programs too. So keep your eye out for these!

Learn more about our Pet Essential Program or contact us and one of our friendly team members would be happy to discuss it further with you.