Tigar trying to "bee" friends

Before treatment: Tigar's face and jaw were swollen from the bee sting

Poor little Tigar came to see us recently after he had been having a play in the garden and managed to “bee friend” a little insect. Unfortunately for Tigar the bee was not so keen to have a play and stung him. Tigar reacted quite badly to the bee sting and, as you can see from his snap shot, his face and jaw swelled quickly and he was quite uncomfortable.

Tigar’s owner brought him down to us very quickly and Dr Cathy examined him and ascertained he had been stung. Dr Cathy administered some anti inflammatory and antihistamine. Tigar responded well and he was back to his handsome self in no time.

Like humans, some animals can be extremely allergic to insect bites. If your animal does have a reaction like Tigar you will need to watch them carefully around biting insects like bees and wasps as they can become more sensitised with each bite. At this time of year when these insects are about, if you ca , it is a good idea to not leave food outside and keep your pet away from plants that attract these insects.

After treatment: Tigar back to his handsome self again