The Tail end of it!

Hana Sakurai is a beautiful 5 year old female grey tabby, who got into a bit of strife recently. Whilst zooming around the house, she tried to make a quick exit through a door and got her tail stuck! Unfortunately for Hana, she really did some damage and her very worried owners rushed her into the Manningham Vet Clinic.

Dr Phillipa Gemmell took one look at Hanas' tail and realised she would need some surgery. Hana had ‘de-gloved' the tip of her tail, which means that the skin had literally been peeled back from the cartilage - ouch!

Assisted by Nurse Jane, Hana was anaesthetised and the tip of her tail was removed. She required a few stitches and her tail was bandaged up. Hana was also given antibiotics and plenty of pain relief as it would have been quite sore.

We saw Hana again for a couple of bandage changes and she was a lot happier and didn't seem too worse for wear, thank goodness. She wore a plastic head collar (Elizabethan collar) and her sutures were removed after 10 days.

All in all, Hanas' human mum and dad were very relived and she shouldn't miss the end of her tail too much. Maybe her quick escapes will end more successfully next time!