The importance of a 'seniors' check up!

Misty is a lovely 17 year old cat who belongs to our trainee nurse Carolyn. Misty had a blood screen performed a couple of months ago that indicated she may have kidney disease, so Carolyn brought her in for one of our senior cat checks.

Misty had her urine analysed, in particular a urine specific gravity or USG was performed. This test gives us an indication of whether the kidneys are able to concentrate the urine or not, to an appropriate level.

Unfortunately for Misty, her USG indicated that her kidneys were no longer functioning as they should. We also took her blood pressure, which was normal. Misty is now on a prescription diet, to help slow any further deterioration of her kidneys.

If you, like Carolyn, have a more mature pet and would like a senior pet check, please call us here at Manningham Vet Clinic.