Thank goodness for Pet Insurance - meet Cassie!

Cassie is a lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback who loves nothing better than playing outside. Unfortunately for Cassie, a little while ago she developed a nasty lump on her rear, near the base of her tail. We tested the lump by placing a needle into it and checking the cells we extracted, which were inflammatory.

Cassie responded at first to anti-inflammatories, however it was a stubborn mass and kept returning and getting bigger. Because of the lumps 'delicate' location, Cassie was referred to a specialist surgeon for an exploration of the mass. It took two surgeries but fortunately for Cassie the specialists were able to locate the source of the inflammation - a cystic like structure very near her spinal cord!

It was removed successfully and Cassie is now back to her normal bouncy self. Cassie is covered by pet insurance so the cost of the two specialist surgeries was significantly reduced for Cassie's owners, which also made the decision to go ahead with the surgeries easier. We highly recommend pet insurance for all our pets - you never know when there will be a lump, bump or accident that needs attention.