Squinty eye James Bond

James Bond is a handsome Domestic Short Hair cat who has a very relaxed a placid personality that isn’t hard to fall in love with.  Just recently after having a play outside, James came and sat next to his human mum and appeared to have a squinty eye.  He didn’t seem too bothered but obviously wanted his mum to know.

James’ owner took the right steps and rushed him straight down to the clinic. When a pet’s eye is squinting it may be a number of things and some of which may result in blindness if left untreated for more than 24 hours.

When James arrived at the clinic his eye was still squinting.  Dr Ele took James into the consultation room for an examination.  When Dr Ele started to investigate James’ eye an object appeared from his conjunctiva.  As soon as Dr Ele and James’ owner saw this, they knew he must be in extreme pain and discomfort.

Dr Ele brought James into the hospital for a closer look at what the object was and where exactly it was lodged.  She placed some local anaesthetic drops into James’ eye to help his comfort levels.

Upon closer examination Dr Ele could see that the object was in-fact a snapped off stick. Owch!

When a foreign object is lodged in a patient’s eye it is extremely risky to remove it.  Great care is needed to ensure the right process is carried out to prevent any permanent damage to the eye.  Dr Ele needed to establish exactly where the stick had penetrated. If the actual glob of the eye has been punctured, removing the stick may cause James’ eye to completely collapse.

James was such an amazing patient that even in this highly painful state he sat perfectly still for Dr Ele to examine his eye.

Dr Ele could see that the stick was resting on the surface of James’ cornea and not puncturing his actual globe. Once this was established removing the stick was the best option.  Dr Ele carefully removed the stick, which was a shocking 3cm long!! 

James’ cornea had suffered scratching and his conjunctiva was very red and swollen but overall he was a very lucky kitty.  Dr Ele gave James some pain relief which also contained anti-inflammatory properties to ensure James was pain free.  James was also placed on eye medications to help repair the scratches on his cornea.  And of course lots of cuddles were prescribed to help him recover!

James Bond has been back for his revisit and surprisingly his eye is looking amazing.  James is a perfect example of how stoic pets try to be when they are obviously in extreme pain.  So be sure to look out for those subtle signs our pets try to give us to let us know something is not right.

We hope those nasty twigs don’t bother James again in the future.