Spud's grass seed story

Spud is a 13 month old Schmoodle who was presented to the clinic with lumps found on his side. His groomer had noticed that he had lots of grass seeds in his coat. Spud was placed on antibiotics to cure the lumps. Once the antibiotics were finished, Spud returned to us as one of the lumps had burst and was draining. Dr Helen decided that Spud needed an anaesthetic so the lesion could be explored.

Whilst under general anaesthetic it was found that Spud had a large grass seed which had moved about 10cm along his chest wall under the skin. Spud was sutured and a drain was placed. He is now doing well and his owners are very happy that he is now feeling much better. Grass seeds can be a problem especially for dogs with long coats as they can penetrate through the skin and then track along under the skin. It is important to keep the coats of long haired dogs very short to prevent grass seeds being trapped in the coat especially during the spring and summer months.