Sophie gets the all clear

Sophie is a lovely boxer who came to see us for her vaccination and check up. Whilst having her check up, a lump on one of her back legs was examined by Dr Zoe Cutcher.

Dr Zoe looked at some of the cells from the lump under the microscope and diagnosed a tumour called a mast cell tumour. These are skin lumps that can be quite nasty so Sophie was booked in for a sample of the lump to be removed and sent for pathology testing.

Fortunately for Sophie, the mast cell she had was of a low grade, which meant she needed surgery to remove it with some of the skin and underlying tissues but no further treatment would be required.

The surgery was performed by Dr Andrew Jacotine, our surgeon. Sophie's surgery went very well and she has made a good recovery. The pathology and post surgery showed that the lump has been fully removed. Sophie can now go back to playing with her younger and slightly more boisterous sister, Suzie.

(L-R) Sophie and Suzie having a rest together
Sophie and Suzie at the beach