Sasha's behaviour shift

One of our clients purchased a new puppy and it wasn't as smooth sailing as she had hoped. This story that may sound familiar to some pet owners out there...


"In mid-2013 our family made the decision to buy a second dog, and after much research we decided on a Labradoodle. We bought a nine-week-old black female puppy that we named Sasha. During our brief time with her at the pet shop she seemed to have a beautiful nature and enjoyed being cuddled.

"How wrong we were.

"On arriving home, it quickly became clear this puppy had an aggressive nature and did not enjoy being handled. We gave her the benefit of the doubt - new surroundings and new family, but after two weeks it became clear we had made a mistake and our only option looked to be surrendering her.

"We were given a free vet check from the pet shop where we had bought Sasha, so we took her along to the Manningham Veterinary Clinic.

"We met with one of the vets, who on telling her our concerns, not only checked her physical condition, but took extra time with us emphasising the need for her to be trained in order to break her of her bad habits.

"Before leaving the surgery we enrolled in their four-week Puppy Pre-School and left feeling for the first time since we bought Sasha that we had a chance to gain control of her.

"After each week of training we would come home and put into practice the tricks and techniques we had learned.

"Eight months on we still have Sasha, she no longer bites and has a loving and fun personality. Along with Max, our four year old Maltese-cross-Shih Tzu, she is a much loved family member."  

If you are encountering similar issues with your pet please bring it to our vets' attention by booking in for a visit. Behaviour issues are a huge part of veterinary practice and we strive to do all that we can to ensure your pet is fitting into your family's lifestyle the best as possible.