Romeo's not so romantic lump

Romeo is a lovely 10 year old Maltese Terrier Cross who recently came in to see us because his owner had noticed a nasty looking lump on his tummy. The lump had grown quite quickly, so we were all concerned it may be something serious, such as a malignant tumour. Romeo had some pre-anaesthetic blood tests to check his liver and kidney function and then went to surgery for removal of the lump.

Unfortunately for Romeo the lump did turn out to be nasty - a haemangiosarcoma, which is a tumour arising from the blood vessel tissue in the skin. Because of this we opted to send Romeo for an ultrasound of his liver and spleen and also some chest x-rays to ensure the tumour had not spread anywhere else in his body. These tests came back clear, good news for our Romeo! He then required a second surgery to remove more tissue from around the original lump site, just to be sure that it had all been removed.

Romeo's latest pathology report came back all clear, which is great! It is very important to get any new lumps on your pet checked out by a vet. Some lumps may require surgery, others may just need a needle sample to be taken to check what type of lump they are. The nasty lumps are much better dealt with when they are small, as in the case of Romeo.

He is now well on the way to recovery after the surgeries and is still happy to come back into the clinic to see us!