Rhubarb the cat and the 'Crowded House' chaos

Rhubarb is a 5 year old ginger and white cat whose owner brought her in to see us after discovering a large, soft lump on Rhubarb's back that had only recently appeared. It was very sore and Rhubarb got upset when being handled near this area, which was very out of character with her normal lovely nature.

Rhubarb has 6 feline brothers and sisters at home, and her owner was worried that she may have been fighting with one of them. Just like humans, sometimes it's hard to get along with our siblings!

On examination it was found that Rhubarb had a large abscess and needed to have surgery. She received an anaesthetic and the abscess was lanced (opened up), cleaned and flushed. A piece of latex tubing was placed in the wound to keep it open so it would drain. This drain was stitched into place.

Rhubarb also received pain relief and antibiotics. In three days time, she will be checked again and to have the drain removed. She is expected to make a full recovery to her normal happy self, and hopefully will steer clear of the sibling that's giving her grief!