Rexi gets his bark back

Rexi is a lovely little terrier cross who has spent the last few months struggling with a disease known as Coonhound Paralysis. The disease started with the loss of Rexi’s voice and then progressed to paralysis of all four legs. Rexi had to have a tube placed in his throat so he could be fed, as even his swallowing muscles became very weak.

After many weeks of nursing and TLC by his owners and our Manningham veterinary team, Rexi started to wag his tail again and more fiercely. His voice also started to return. These were encouraging signs and sure enough, Rexi is now walking and wagging and barking!

Rexi had the disease a few years ago too, but it did not progress as far as this time. This exotic sounding disease is named after a breed of dog in the USA, originally but incorrectly thought to be at increased risk of the disorder due to their exposure to raccoons. No one knows the cause of the disease and we are all trusting that Rexi will continue to greet us with his loud voice.