Rex too sweet for his own good

Rex is a lovely 12 year old pomerian cross who belongs to Sarah, one of our veterinary nurses. Rex came into the clinic last year having been drinking more than usual, and also Sarah noticed his eye sight had deteriorated.

Rex had a urine and blood test and was diagnosed with diabetesHe has been having daily insulin and regular blood tests since this time and he has stabilised well. 

Recently Rex had to have a dental procedure as he had significant dental disease. This can certainly be an issue for all dogs but diabetics dogs in particular are susceptible to dental disease. Rex had one tooth extracted and the remainder were cleaned and polished. He is now recovering well at home and Sarah is going to try and keep those teeth clean by daily tooth brushing!.

Diabetes is a disease we see occasionally in our more senior dogs. Changes in thirst and appetite or unexplained weight loss are some of the signs we see. We recommend a regular urine test for senior dogs to screen for this disease so we can treat it early.