Regular check-us for Pip the senior poodle

Pip is a 10 year old poodle who came in for a senior check up and vaccination. As Pip is over 8 years of age, it is important she receives a thorough examination twice a year to help us detect any early signs of disease or illness, to help her live a long and happy life.

During her senior check up, Dr Jo collected a blood sample which was sent off to the laboratory for testing. This serves as a good overview of how her internal organs are functioning. Dr Jo also noted Pip's teeth were very sore and inflammed and she was suffering from very bad dental disease. Dental disease not only causes bad breath, it can also affect the functionality of the kidneys and lead to renal disease, loss of teeth, gum recession and severe pain.

Pip was booked in for a dental procedure where her teeth were scaled and polished. This is a relatively straight forward procedure and only required Pip to be in hospital for the day. The benefit's of the procedure will be seen and felt right away and with a home care dental plan in place will benefit Pip for years to come. Pip will no longer be in pain and her chances of aquiring renal disease have been reduced - not to mention the improvement of her breath.