Pumpkin still going strong at 17


Pumpkin is still living life to the fullest at age 17. Her favourite things to do are sleeping, getting cuddles and sleeping while getting cuddles. We all realise that our beloved pets age more swiftly than we do, but it is often hard to believe they have hit their senior years by the age of seven.

Pumpkin is one of many senior pets who have their regular screens with us, which we strongly recommend every six months.

Diseases commonly seen in older cats are high blood pressure (leading to blindness and seizures if left untreated), kidney disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism (high thyroid function). All of these are much better treated earlier in their course than when irreversible changes have occurred.

Our older dog friends can also suffer from kidney disease and diabetes, as well as lumps and arthritis which need to be checked to ensure the most comfortable life.

With all these senior pet problems, only slight subtle changes often occur early in the disease process, which may not be too obvious at home. This is why urine and blood screenings are so important.

If you have a senior pet or are unsure if your pet has arrived at the senior years please do not hesitate to give us a call. Also our comprehensive website has lots of information for you to read about senior pets.