Pip's sticky situation

Pip is a lovely and lively Springer Spaniel who came into our clinic one evening with a rather unusual condition. Pip had somehow managed to impale the back of his leg with a stick which had then become very firmly stuck into the muscle of the hind leg. The stick was very firmly wedged in and was very sore for poor Pip, making it difficult to just pull out the stick. It was clear the only way to remove the stick was to give Pip a general anaesthetic.

Dr Zoe and our head nurse Penny prepared Pip for a general anaesthetic. Not long later the stick was removed and then the wound area was cleaned. Unfortunately sticks and other foreign material often carry nasty bacteria so the wound had to be flushed well and a drain placed into the area. Pip was placed on antibiotics and pain relief and recovered well from the anaesthetic. He had a late night at the clinic as he did not go home until 10:30 pm.

Pip made a full recovery from the stick injury and is now back to his usual lively self. We hope in future he decides to carry the stick in his mouth and not his leg!