Phi Phi the Malteses' big day

Phi Phi is a lovely 6 month old maltese who recently came to the clinic to be desexed. Prior to the doing the surgery, Phi Phi had a blood test which checked her white and red cell counts and also her liver and kidney function. Performing these tests prior to surgery enables us to detect any problems before administering an anaesthetic and minimises any risks.This in turn also helped put Phi Phi two legged parents' minds at rest.

We were able to do this testing at Manningham Vet clinic as we have recently acquired a new blood testing machine which enables us to do these tests within approximately 10 - 20 minutes of taking the blood. This new equipment helps us to readily diagnose many illnesses and diseases and is also used to check her blood cell levels and also the biochemistry of her blood.

Phi Phi's blood results were all normal and so Dr Ele Hunt went ahead and performed a routine desexing operation. She recovered beautifully and went home for some TLC from mum and dad.Phi Phi has recently had her sutures out and is now doing very well .