Pebblez' Adolescent Check

Pebblez is a lovely little Jack Russell terrier who came in recently to visit us here at Manningham for her adolescent check. It is hard to believe she has grown so quickly from a seriously cute little puppy to a just as cute adolescent little girl!

After puppies and kittens finish their vaccination course we don't usually see them again until their annual vaccination. A lot can happen in this 12 months, and not always good changes.

We recommend an adolescent check once kittens and puppies reach about 9 months of age as it gives us a good chance to check our young pets are staying on track with issues such as behaviour, training, weight and preventative health care. 

Our vets have a wealth of knowledge that we want to share with you and waiting 12 months while possible problem behaviours or changes have already started developing, makes it a much harder issue to rectify.

Fortunately for little Pebblez, she has been growing well and doing all the things a young dog should do - without getting into too much mischief!

If you have a young pet at this stage please give us a call at the clinic to book an appointment – we love to help you ensure they grow into a well behaved and healthy adult pet.