Orion's story - why it is important to desex your pets

Orion is a 5 year old Rotti cross who came into the Manningham Veterinary Clinic feeling unwell and her owner had noticed that she had a bloody pus filled discharge coming from her vulva for a few days. Orion was not spayed, had not had any puppies and was on heat a month earlier.

Orion was examined by Dr Ele Hunt and was diagnosed as having a pyometra. A Pyometra is an infection in the uterus which causes it to fill with pus and make dogs very sick. It is frequently seen in bitches which have not been spayed and recently had a heat. Other symptoms which are often seen include depression, fever and increased water consumption.

Dogs which are not treated for this problem can often die or have long term kidney complications if they are treated too late. Dr Ele admitted Orion for surgery the next day, where she was placed on Intravenous fluids and underwent a spay. Orion was sent home that evening and is now recovering well.

At Manningham Veterinary Clinic we recommend that if you are not planning on breeding with your dog that you desex them as soon as they are six months old. Bitches that are not spayed can have problems like Orion with infections in their uterus and are at increased risk of getting mammary tumours in later life.