Oliver, the little old dog with a big heart

Oliver is a 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, whose mum noticed that he had started coughing quite a bit recently. His vaccinations were all up to date so at his regular six-month senior check up, his mum mentioned the coughing problem to our veterinarian. Our veterinarian examined Oliver and found nothing abnormal so we decided to take some x-rays of Oliver's chest. The x-rays showed that Oliver had a rather large heart, which contributed to his breathing difficulties and coughing. We gave Oliver some medications to help him breath easier.

A lot of older dogs, especially small breeds, can have problems with heart murmurs and other changes as they become seniors. If your dog is over 7 years old or is showing signs of being unwell, it is a good idea to bring him or her in every 6 months for check ups so we can diagnose any health issues and treat them much sooner, just like little Oliver!