Now 'Ears' a problem for Arnold the Groodle

Arnold is a lovely one year old Groodle who came to see us because he was rubbing his head and crying. It turned out that poor Arnold had a very sore ear. He had an infection in his ear (this is called otitis externa) caused by an overgrowth of yeast (known as Malassezia). Arnold's ear was very sore so we needed to sedate him to clean it and ensure there was no foreign body in it.

Ear infections are a common problem in dogs. They are often secondary to allergic skin disease or irritants like shampoo or pool water in the ear and foreign bodies (like grass seeds).

For this reason it is very important to get a good look into the ear and also check what organism is causing the infection so we can treat appropriately.

Arnold is feeling a lot better now but is still being treated with ear drops and ear cleaner for his ear infection. His ears will need to be checked regularly to ensure this does not reoccur. Arnold is back to being his happy bouncy self again!