Not all balls are for dogs - Axel's story

Axel is a young bouncy German Shepherd who decided one night that he would play with an equally bouncy ball.

Unfortunately for Axel, the ball was just the right size to get lodged right at the back of his throat. The ball got lodged very firmly and despite numerous attempts by his owner, the ball would just not move and was getting more slippery and wedged by the minute. This happened just after closing time, but fortunately Dr Ele and vet nurse Emily were waiting for another emergency so were able to see Axel immediately.

After a brief attempt to get the ball out of Axel's mouth whilst he was conscious, it was clear he would need an anaesthetic to extract the ball. He was getting increasingly distressed as the ball continued to obstruct his throat and airway. Dr Ele gave him a rapid intravenous general anaesthetic. Once he was asleep, Dr Ele was able to extract the high bounce ball from it's spot.

Axel had a few abrasions in his throat , but he woke up from the anaesthetic well and has gone on to make a full recovery. He will be leaving those high bounce balls alone now!