No stone unturned for Deniro

Deniro is a lovely Maltese cross who came to see us for his annual vaccination and senior check in February this year. Dr Cathy saw Deniro for his check up and also tested his urine. We routinely test our senior dog’s urine to check for markers of early disease. These can be diseases like diabetes (glucose in the urine), blood (persistent urinary infection or bladder stones) and inappropriately dilute urine (early renal and other metabolic diseases).


Deniro’s urine did have some blood (haematuria) in it and was examined further here at the clinic and then a blood sample was sent to check for any underlying conditions that could be contributing to the haematuria.

The results came back informing us that there were some liver enzyme changes on Deniro’s blood so an abdominal ultrasound was organised. The ultrasound indicated some mild liver changes but calcified material inside the bladder. We repeated the ultrasound a month or so later and the material in the bladder had calcified more and was now obviously a bladder stone.

Surgery was required to have the stones removed. After analysis of the stones, Deniro is now on a special diet to try and reduce the recurrence of the stones. He is now doing well and hopefully will not develop any further bladder stones.

Deniro's case demonstrates why when your pet is due for their senior check we strongly recommend a urine test even if all seems well.