Natasha the Papillon becomes a mother

Natasha is a 19 month old papillon who has just had her first litter of puppies. Her mum brought her into the clinic after she had been in labour, but unable to give birth. When she came to the clinic Dr Helen examined her and found that her first pup was in breach position. Dr Helen tried to correct the pups position but couldn't and so it was elected for Natasha to have a caesarian section to deliver the puppies quickly and safely.

Natasha was given a full general anaesthetic and her five pups were born all alive and healthy. The puppies were larger than usually expected for the breed. They were very strong babies and all feeding from mum within an hour of being delivered. Natasha has proved to be a fantastic and very attentive mother. She lets her owner touch the puppies to weigh them daily, but she watches very carefully that they are all returned to her. The four boys and one girl are all doing really well, they are putting on weight rapidly and are getting cheekier everyday!