Moggs the best kept stray in the neighbourhood

Moggs is owned by Lyn, Manningham Veterinary Clinic's head nurse. Moggs was originally a stray who was very lucky to find a home at the ripe old age of 15 years. He presented with a number of problems, his main problem was his sore mouth. In January of this year a few of his teeth were removed which were old and decayed, however his mouth did not heal very well after the surgery.

Different medical treatments were tried but it was very difficult to get the inflammation in his mouth to settle. Eventually Moggs was diagnosed with a condition called Plasmocytic Stomatitis which is an immune mediated condition sometimes seen in cats. Unfortunately the only really effective treatment is to remove the teeth themselves to settle the immune mediated reaction.

Last Wednesday Lyn's elderly Moggs underwent an anaesthetic performed by Dr Phillipa and his remaining teeth were extracted. Moggs recovered well although was a bit groggy after the anaesthetic. However he is so much happier now the inflammation in his mouth is settling.