Milo and Otis - A tale of two cats

Milo, a gorgeous little kitten came to visit us with her big brother, Otis. Otis has had one or two cat fights in his life and when we tested him for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) he was, unfortunately, positive.

FIV is spread by cat bites and saliva contamination and once a cat is positive we cannot vaccinate against it. Fortunately, Milo, as a kitten, had minimal risk of the disease so we have started her on a vaccination course.

Any cat that goes outside for any length of time is at risk of contracting FIV. They only need one bite from a positive cat. FIV can lead to chronic infections, mouth disease, eye disease and can increase the risk of certain tumours. It cannot be transmitted to humans.

It has been estimated in one study, that approximately 26% of cats in Victoria test positive for FIV. If you are concerned about the possibility of FIV in your feline friend or if you would like to have them tested and vaccinated please feel free to give us a call.