Meet Phoebe

When Phoebe's elderly mother broke her leg she had to find a place for Phoebe to stay while she recovered. Phoebe has been staying upstairs in our cattery, being pampered and looked after by us for the past couple of months now.

During her stay our nurses and cattery attendants noticed that she was drinking a lot of water and was feeling very fatigued, she didn't want to get up and move around and spent most of her time in her igloo. We decided that we would measure her water intake to see exactly how much water she was drinking and catch a urine sample, as we suspected that Phoebe may have kidney disease.

After testing her urine, we found that her urine was not concentrated very well, which is an indicator for kidney disease. Our cattery manager Jess, spoke with Phoebe's mum and explained what we had found and recommended further diagnostics. Phoebe's mum consented for us to do a blood test to help in our diagnosis. Her blood results showed that not only was Phoebe in early stages of kidney disease, but she was also Hyperthyroid. Hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrine disorder in middle-aged and older cats. This disorder means that her thyroid gland is overactive which falsely boosts her metabolism which stresses the heart, digestive tract and many other organ systems. After her diagnoses was made, we were able to treat her and put her on the right medication and diet so she can live a happier life.

Phoebe is still staying with us but she is a much happier cattery guest now! Phoebe now enjoys coming out of her cage, having a big stretch and wander around the cattery.