Meet Elle

Elle is a delightful Maltese Cross Shihtsu who came in to visit us here at Manningham with a very sore foot. Elle's owners were concerned she may have been stung by a wasp as the foot was very swollen and they had found a dead wasp near her when she initially became troubled by the leg.

The foot was indeed very swollen and sore and Elle was licking at it a lot. It did at first resemble a European wasp bite - so Elle was treated with pain relief, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

The next day however, the foot had not really improved and it became evident that there was now an entry point on the base of the foot - between all of her fur! Dr Ele anaesthetised Elle and explored the foot and found a large grass seed that had worked it's way from the base of the foot up to nearly the top of the toes! The seed was removed and Elle's foot bandaged and she continued on her pain relief and antibiotics and we're pleased to report her foot is healing well. Although it is late in the season for grass seeds, we are still seeing them cause trouble.

The seeds enter through the base of the foot or between the toes and can travel quite a long way as the dog moves about. They cause inflammation and a great deal of discomfort to the animal - we all know what having a grass seed caught in our sock feels like!

Keep a watch for any seeds throughout the year and if you have a long haired or non shedding dog it is a good idea to get their feet trimmed short during the hotter months.