Meet Dre the Dogue de Bordeaux

A wonderful client of Manningham Vet shares with us about his beloved Dogue de Bordeaux, Dre.

"My first experience with a Dogue de Bordeaux was like most, in the movie ‘Turner & Hooch’. As a child and a student of the Hollywood flicks, I instantly fell in love with both Hooch and Beethoven. It was these early years that formed my love of animals and dogs in particular.

Like the movie, this breed is confident, definitely stubborn, incredibly loyal, but most of all a very loving companion. So far you would have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the physical aspects of the breed, especially the drool. Well I could almost write an entire paragraph on stories involving drool, in fact I have!

Dogue de Bordeaux's are very powerful animals and therefore need a lot of training. Starting with the Manningham Veterinary Clinic’s ‘puppy preschool’ program Dre was well on his way to learning to behave. Even at preschool he was towering over the other puppies, but I quickly discovered that after only a few minutes of stimulation he was exhausted and soon snoring away. See this breed isn’t built for stamina; it is built for short powerful bursts. Dogue de Bordeaux's don’t fully grow into their body for some years, as their muscles grow into the body size developing.

You would remember visions from the movie where Tom Hanks goes to put his shoes on, only to find them full of Hooch’s drool. This is definitely something that you need to be prepared to endure. Certainly not to the exaggerated extent of the movie, but drool will suddenly become a part of your life. I remember fondly going to the supermarket and returning home with my shopping to look in the mirror and discover that I had Dre’s drool on my cheek for the entire time I was out in public! Certainly not one of my finer social experiences, but amusing nonetheless. The great thing about this breed is that strangers are willing to enter the drool zone, just to have a chance to spend a moment of time with Dre.

Dre is now 16 months old and his interests include digging for gold in the backyard, going on long drives, snoring through an earthquake, retrieving everything he can find in the backyard from sticks, to pebbles, to socks and takes them to his bed for me to collect in the morning. Most of all though, he loves spending time at the Banksia Dog Park playing hide and seek and running at full speed. Dre is a most loved member of our family."