Max - A ligament stretched too far

Max is a little Jack Russell Terrier who visited us recently, because he was lame on one of his hind legs. Dr Jo Wall examined Max and diagnosed a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament. This is the ligament in the knee that allows the joint to bend normally - once it is damaged there is a lot of movement and therefore pain associated with the knee.

Max had not only damaged his ligament but completely ruptured it - poor lad. Dr Philippa Gemmel performed surgery on Max a few days after diagnosis and now Max is starting to put some weight on the leg and will soon commence his recovery program.

Damage to the cranial cruciate ligament is quite a common injury in our four legged friends - particularly those that like to chase balls (or sticks, birds or possums!!). Here at Manningham Vet Clinic we recommend checking out any lameness in your pet - there may well be a ligament stretched to breaking point somewhere!!