Louie's tongue ulcer

Louie is a lovely young ginger cat who got into a bit of trouble recently. He presented to the clinic drooling, lethargic and not happy at all. Dr Belinda Willis examined him and at this stage there was no obvious medical reason he was unwell so Louie was given pain relief and antibiotics. The next day Louie had developed a large ulcer on his tongue - no wonder he was unhappy!

Louie was treated with further pain relief and antibiotics. He also had intravenous fluids as he had not been eating or drinking much at home. Dr Cathy Chou checked him for any physical reasons for the ulcer. An x-ray was performed but didn't show anything abnormal.

Louie’s owner gave him lots of TLC at home and over the next few days. His demeanor improved and the ulcer eventually resolved. We can only assume that Louie licked at something he should not have and caused a chemical burn to his tongue - poor boy.

Louie is now back to his usual tricks.