Lincoln's weight loss transformation

Lincoln before his weight loss

This month we are shining the spot light on handsome Lincoln. Lincoln came to see us in mid June for his annual vaccination and health check. Dr Ele saw him and noticed that he was carrying a little extra weight. Lincoln weighed in at 25.6kg and his ideal weight target is closer to 21.5kg; he needed to lose 20% of his body weight or 4.1kgs.

Being overweight puts our pets at higher risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Being overweight stops our pets living their lives to the fullest when they are lugging around the extra weight.  

Lincoln’s owners took the recommendation to lose weight seriously and started him on a specific weight loss diet that is aimed at ensuring the pet lose weight in a gradual and healthy manner.  Hills R/D diet is not just a low calorie diet, it also has extra fibre to ensure our pets feel full and content during their weight loss process.  This diet is a temporary diet, to be used during the weight loss process and then transition to another diet once finished.  Pets should be monitored on this diet to ensure results are desirable and the patient is enjoying the diet. We offer any advice and support if needed.

Lincoln has been coming into the clinic for regular weigh ins and has been sticking to the diet very well.  He has started doing some dog training classes to help keep him active and stimulated.  At home he has three human sisters to help him keep his fitness regime up. 

Lincoln after his weight loss transformation

Here at Manningham Vet we have some new metabolic treats that can also be added into the diet to help your pooch stay satisfied and motivated. 

After three months Lincon has reached his target weight, his whole family love the new slim and trim Lincoln!

It has been shown that once a pet had been overweight once in their life they will be prone to gain weight easier in the future, therefore instead of just going back to a general adult diet Lincoln is now on a light food diet with fewer calories than a standard adult diet.

Well done to Lincoln and his family who did an amazing job in his transformation. He looks amazing!

If you think your pet could do with losing a little or more weight, contact us and we can help support you through the process to get them trim and terrific.