Kitten's sudden blindness reveals underlying health problems

Kitten is a beautiful 9 year old ex-stray cat who was brought in by her loving owners after they noticed that she had suddenly gone blind. Kitten was also very thin, despite her very large appetite. Kitten was examined by Dr Trepheena, who also checked her blood pressure and took a blood sample.

Kitten was found to have high blood pressure (hypertension) and hyperthyroidism, both fairly common in older cats. Unfortunately, her high blood pressure had caused the retinas in her eyes to detach and cause blindness. Kitten was started on medication for both her problems.

Luckily her owners had noticed her blindness and quickly brought her to see us as with medication, vision can sometimes get better. Six weeks later, Kitten's vision has mostly returned and she is putting on weight now that she is on medication for her hyperthyroidism. Sadly Kitten also has kidney disease however she is happy and well and now on a prescription diet to help reduce further damage to her kidneys.

Kitten's problems are issues that we commonly see in senior cats. If you have a mature cat and would like a senior wellness check-up or would like further information about our senior care program, please contact our healthcare team. 

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