Kato gets his good looks back

Kato visited our clinic a few weeks ago after an altercation with a local cat. Poor handsome Kato had taken a few hits to his face and had a very swollen cheek and his eye had been scratched too. Because the wound on Kato's face had become infected (as cat bites usually do), he required sedation and surgical drainage of the abscess.

Kato had a drain placed in (spoiling his good looks temporarily) to ensure there was no further build up of infected material. His scratched eye was treated with cream and he was on antibiotics for a week or so. Fortunately, Kato was already vaccinated against FIV( Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), which is a immunosuppressive virus spread through cat fights. FIV has no treatment and can result in a number of severe clinical syndromes. As Kato is already vaccinated we were not as concerned about the risk of him contracting this disease from the fight. We recommend FIV vaccination for all outdoor cats, as any fight with an infected cat can result in transmission of the virus to your cat.

Kato has made a full recovery and is now concentrating on regrowing his hair so he can be back to his handsome best.