Jesse steps on glass

Jesse is a gorgeous Ridgeback cross who unfortunately had the misfortune of stepping on a small sliver of a glass. By the time Jesse's owner dashed inside to get the tweezers to remove the shard, Jesse had managed to snap the end off and drive a small sharp wedge into her foot! Ouch!

Poor Jesse was limping a little when she came in to see us and there was a small thin cut on her paw pad of her back foot. Dr Ele could feel the glass in her foot, but it was in too deep and painful to retrieve with Jesse awake. It was decided that Jesse would need to be sedated. Once asleep, local anaesthetic was applied to her foot and after some exploration of the pad, the offending glass was removed.

Jesse was very brave throughout the entire procedure and has recovered well. We hope she will avoid the “pane” of having glass in her foot again.



The shard found in Jesse's foot