Jess takes a tumble on the staircase

A few weeks ago Jess visited us as she had taken a tumble on the staircase. She was not placing her leg on the ground and it seemed very sore. We put Jess under general anaesthetic in order to take some x-rays and palpate her injured leg. Our veterinarian discovered that Jess had ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament (similar to a footballer's knee injury).

Anterior cruciate ligament rupture is one of the most common orthopaedic injuries we see in our canine friends. Without surgery the condition can lead to long term changes in the joint and significant arthritis. 

Jess had surgery about a week later, and is now in recovery from this. Keeping her quiet post operatively seems to be the difficult task as she does love to run and jump. Fortunately her owners have confined her well, giving her leg the best chance of recovery.