Jasper and Felix - new Best of Pet members

Patients of the Month - Felix and Jasper

Jasper and Felix came to see us for their annual vaccinations, when it was discovered that both of them had dental disease and needed a dental scale and polish. 

Dental disease has been shown to impact your pet’s health and life expectancy due to all the nasty bacteria lingering around, not to mention the pain associated with rotting teeth.

During Jasper and Felix’s consultation our new Best For Pet program was mentioned to their owner.  This program offers clients a huge discount on wellness preventative care for their pets. The program has been created to help our clients take the stress out of offering their pets the best care possible.

Jasper and Felix’s owner decided to sign them up to the program and with no waiting period, was able to start claiming straight away.

On the day of consultation Jasper and Felix’s owner was able to claim 100% on their health examination and vaccinations, as well as claim the complimentary Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Screen as it is recommended for dental procedures.

We booked Jasper and Felix to have their teeth scaled and polished a few days later, and they were able to claim $250 each off this procedure too. Everything went really well for both of them and they recovered fully. Now for the next 12 months Jasper and Felix’s owner can rest assured that with unlimited FREE consultations she can get on top any future concerns promptly.

Other amazing things covered in th Best for Pet 12 month program include:

  • Unlimited FREE consultations with us at Manningham Veterinary Clinic
  • Unlimited FREE emergency consultations at the Essendon or Point Cook Animal Emergency Centre (open 24 hours)
  • Vaccinations cost covered 100%
  • 1 FREE blood screen
  • 1 FREE urine screen
  • $250 any dentistry work
  • 10% off any additional Veterinary Services
  • 10% off any food or merchandise purchased
  • 10% off any flea and worm control treatment purchased
  • 2 FREE nights boarding in our cattery (cats only)
  • 4 FREE hydrobaths (dogs only)

In this case of Jasper and Felix, their owner is already in credit as she has been able to claim more than the cost of the program itself.  You too can start to see these benefits.

Find out more about this amazing new program at www.bestforpet.com.au or feel free to call the clinic and speak to one of our friendly nurses who can explain in more detail.